Southern Hospitality meets Homecare

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Palmetto Southern Comfort was birthed as two missing elements in healthcare were being overshadowed by paperwork and high turnover through the entire healthcare matrix. Companionship and empathy.

Rolanda Goodwin, the owner is a SC Licensed Long Term Care Administrator and career includes working for SC Department of Mental Health, SC Board of Disabilities and Special Needs and various private owned nursing homes in South Carolina. She has worked at all levels of the healthcare field from administrative, hands on and leadership positions.

Aging in place no longer means retiring to a rocking chair to watch TV and occasionally play bingo. Today’s seniors and the disabled want to maintain adventure, require stimulation, and want to still learn new things. Seniors and the disabled want to live colorful and full lives!

The mission of Palmetto Southern Comfort is to provide South Carolinian's with care that is tailored to each individuals life. While safety and health care are priority. We recognize the need for the promotion of quality of life. This is why southern hospitality is important.

We are taught the importance of "it takes a village" and sometimes we have to extend our village and lend a helping hand to our neighbor.

Sitting down listening to childhood stories, taking the patience to help a former school teacher who now has Alzheimer's feed themselves, maintaining a Veterans dignity who requires incontinence care makes the a world of difference in the quality of life.

Asking for help is never easy. Palmetto Southern Comfort is where southern hospitality meets homecare. We never meet a stranger and everyone is family.

Life is measured by quality not quantity